Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A tile accent wall, or wainscot, can hide a low ceiling in a small bathroom. These options make
the space appear taller, but they don’t take up much space. In a small bathroom, narrow
cabinets with shelves underneath hold extra hand towels and toilet paper, and decorative
accents adorn the walls. To increase the height of your bathroom, replace the heavy crown
molding by a shorter, lighter variety. These small bathroom remodel ideas will allow you to
increase the area while making the space appear larger and airier.
You can make your bathroom larger by replacing the bathtub and installing a new toilet. To
increase the space, you can replace the bathtub by a standing shower. It may not be a perfect fit,
but it is an inexpensive way to remodel a small bathroom. Make sure you have enough space to
accommodate the new toilet and other necessities. While renovating the space, it is important
that you have enough space to store all of your personal belongings and bathroom equipment.
Another small Bathroom Renovation Rosanna tip: Replace the in-swing doors with bypass or sliding glass
shower doors. A standard bathroom entrance reduces the usable space. You can’t install any
practical storage next to the standard door. A pocket door retracts into a wall and provides more
counter space. This space can also be used for toiletries and other bathroom products. As entry
doors, you can also use sliding barn doors or pocket doors.
After electrical and plumbing work, vanities can be installed. Most homeowners can install
mirrors and light fixtures themselves. You can hire a contractor to install them if you are not
confident. If you are unable to afford a professional, you can still try some of the smaller projects
yourself. If you’re unsure, contact a local home improvement store or remodeling contractor and
ask for their help.
When renovating a small bathroom, consider using inexpensive store-bought accessories
instead of expensive ones. A set of shelves can be used as a storage space for bathroom
essentials. The vignette above a toilet can be made in light-and-dark colors. The contrast
between the dark-toned shelves and the white towels, photo mats, bud vases, and photo mats is
striking. You can save hundreds of money and create a spa-like atmosphere without spending a
fortune by using neutral colors.
It can be very cost-effective to hire a professional to renovate your small bathroom. A
professional bathroom remodeling company can charge between $50 and $110 an hour. The
cost of labor is variable so make sure you do your research before you hire someone. The cost
to hire a contractor will depend upon the size of the project. However you can cut down on labor
costs if you use low-cost materials. You can even opt to hire painters or plumbers to do some of
the work yourself.
Bathroom fixtures can be updated inexpensively to give your bathroom a makeover. You can buy
new fixtures at home improvement stores and online. To ensure you get the best fit, make sure
the new fixtures have the exact same footprint as the old ones. Also, be aware of the height of
the plumbing connections. Relocating plumbing hookups may increase your cost. New fixtures
can run from $200 to $1800. Make sure you make the right choice when shopping for your
Before you begin the renovation, make a list of the major items that will need to be replaced.

You should include 20% of the total costs as a buffer to cover unexpected costs or overages.
Determine when and how long the work will take. Get estimates from contractors to get a fair

price. Next, schedule the work. The next step is to schedule the work. You don’t want a last-
minute hire of a professional.

A small bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive. It
will increase the resale value of your home. But, you need to avoid making the same mistakes
that so many DIYers make. Even if DIY skills are strong, consider hiring a licensed professional.
They are likely to be able help you save money. You can then spend more money to buy a new